Martin Bravek - Owner/Artist

Martin Bravek is an accomplished tattoo artist who began his journey in 1998 under the tutelage of Johnny the Bear, owner of White Buffalo Tattooing. While he loves tattooing, Martin prefers not to specialize in a single style as it can become monotonous. Instead, he thrives on challenging pieces and enjoys creating tattoos that resemble realistic oil paintings. His versatility allows him to incorporate different styles into his work, resulting in captivating and personalized tattoos. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Martin collaborates closely with his clients to bring their unique visions to life. Through his dedication and skill, he has established himself as a respected artist in the industry.


Michelle, born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, amidst the beauty of Lake Huron, embraced art from an early age. apprenticed under David Clark in Port Huron. In 1993, Michelle started her tattooing journey in Michigan. She gained recognition for her skills and eventually moved to Florida in 2005 for its sunny vibes. In central Florida, Michelle continued tattooing, leaving her artistic mark on diverse clients. Michelle’s intricate tattoo designs won her awards, reflecting her dedication and unique artistic vision. Beyond tattoos, her passion spans various artistic forms, where she explores new techniques and styles. Her art is a canvas for imagination.


Jeff is a highly skilled and innovative tattoo artist known for creating unique and meaningful designs. With a passion for the art form and attention to detail, they bring clients’ visions to life with stunning precision. Their welcoming demeanor and dedication to cleanliness ensure a comfortable and professional experience. For a tattoo that captures your individuality and tells your story, trust Jeff’s artistic expertise.